East River Park Action

East River Park Faces Demolition

1000 Trees: Save East River Park

We are currently confronting the demolition threatening our beloved East River park on the unwealthy side of the Lower East Side and East Village.

The city is determined to go ahead with the $1.45 billion ESCR–East Side Coastal Resiliency, destroying shady lawns, picnic areas, ballfields, running track, amphitheater, the compost yard, historic buildings, and 1,000 trees. This even with the budget in desperate shortfall and despite the desperate need during this pandemic for outdoor recreation at safe distances.

The city intends to build a 1.2 mile seawall and cover the park with eight feet of landfill for flood control. This would also cause a health crisis for our already suffering neighborhood with many people of color, elderly and low-income residents.

This is an environmental disaster and an environmental injustice.

Sign the petition to keep our park open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit East River Park Action to learn how you can contribute to this necessary collective action.