Safaa Fathy

Safaa Fathy was born in Egypt. She is a poet, essay writer, and filmmaker. Her plays Terror and Ordeal were prefaced by Jacques Derrida, with whom she co-wrote the book Tourner les mots (2000), an excerpt of which has been translated into English by Max Cavitch, University of Pennsylvania. Her poetry collection Revolution Goes Through Walls (2014) was first published in Egypt, then in France, Brazil, and the United States, in a translation by Pierre Joris. Her experimental poetry collection, Al Haschische, published in French and Spanish (2018), was recently released in English by Pamenar Press in 2023, in a translation by Patrick Love. She also experiments with the visual texture of poems in filmic forms: Fathy’s A Name to the Sea, a film poem structured within a still frame, is being published alongside the text in seven languages (Vanilla Planifolia, Mexico City). Fathy received her PhD from the Sorbonne, and for the past five years has been writing a novel in English.

Safaa Fathy est née en Égypte. Elle est poète, cinéaste et essayiste. Jacques Derrida, qui a cosigné l'ouvrage Tourner les mots. Au bord d'un film, a préfacé ses pièces Ordalie et Terreur. Son recueil le plus récent, Révolution traverse des murs (paru aux éditions SplitLevel) a été traduit et publié en Egypte, en France et au Brésil.