Saved From the Waters

Films by Safaa Fathy

Following a retrospective series hosted by Tamaas/Earth Arts Justice, ArteEast, and Maysles Documentary Center, we present here nine films by Egyptian/French poet and filmmaker Safaa Fathy.

These films offer a window into Fathy’s expansive body of work and practice: present in her films as both poet and documentarian, Fathy deftly and tenderly brings to light searingly raw elements of life, religion, and society—sometimes in little known pockets of the world—through an intimate and reflective lens that reveals the subtle and complex depths of human psychology.

Safaa's introduction to the intentions and commitments behind her 25 years of film making.

Ghazeia Dancers of Egypt (1993)

Mohammed Saved from the Waters

I Left My Eyes Behind

Le Silence (1997)

Hidden Valley (2007)

Dardasha (2006)

Maxime Rodinson Athée des dieux (Maxime Rodinson Atheist of the Gods, 1996)

D'ailleurs Derrida (Derrida's Elsewhere, 1999)

Tahrir: Raise, raise your voice! (work in progress, 2011)