In partnership with Dar al-Ma’mûn near Marrakech and the Headlands Center for the Arts near San Francisco, Tamaas launched a new project in 2014 titled Environments.

For three years Tamaas invited one American and one Moroccan artist to participate in a double residency in both countries and collaborate on an artistic project that is engaged with the environment, as understood in its plural and slipping appellation of “environments,” and which, according to the interests of the artists, would involve local research and communities.

The artists invited to participate for the inaugural year were photographer and visual artist, Khalil Nemmaoui and writer Anna Della Subin. The following year visual artist and dancer, Younes Atbane participated in the Headlands residency will develop a collaboration with Chilean born, New York based artist and poet, Cecilia Vicuña. For the final year of this project, Jamila Lamrani was in residence at Headlands Center in the winter of 2016. Her work was featured in a New York Times article about the residency and part of her project will be featured in the exhibition at L’Uzine in June 2017 for our Footprint Zero project.


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