Cinémathèque de Tanger

Tamaas contributes to the ongoing work of the Cinémathèque de Tanger, (CdT), an art house cinema located on the Grand Socco in the heart of this Moroccan city perched on the Strait of Gibraltar. Recently opened in 2006 after a detailed restoration of the original 1938 Cinema Rif, the CdT is a central meeting place for Tangerines through its films, art deco café, library and free wifi. The Cinémathèque features repertory and independent films, an expanding archive, educational workshops, and international film festivals.  In partnership with the CdT, Tamaas develops projects including The 8, a collaborative residency program between international poets and filmmakers who work together with the unique environment and diverse community of Tangier.  A closing night event showing film-poems opens the collaboration up to the public.

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