Footprint Zero


Footprint Zero, an initiative launched by the non-profit organization Tamaas in 2016, serves as an international call to action for greater environmental justice. Working in collaboration with artists across all disciplines and geographic locations, Footprint Zero looks at both the local and global concerns of environmental destruction. With the news about climate change and its consequences overwhelming for all of us, particularly with the recent election in the United States and the EPA under serious threat, Footprint Zero hopes to develop meaningful dialogue and awareness about this critical issue that affects everyone.

To maintain a low carbon footprint, artists were asked to create an artwork which could be presented digitally, live, or generally without using excessive resources or energy. Many of these artists looked at the local concerns of environmental change on the landscape and economy while others took a more global view of the situation, including excess consumption and waste. Some were linked to politics or religion and other remain more abstract and personal. Please check back for updated list of events.

Let the voice of the artist serve as a powerful tool for greater understanding.

2016 invited artists include:

Rita Alaoui

Younes Atbane

Ivan Boccara

M’Barek Bouchichi

Jem Cohen

Hassan Darsi

Carla Faesler

Liliane Giraudon

Emmanuel Iduma

Jamila Lamrani

Khaled Malas

Khalil Nemmaoui

Anna Della Subin

Cecilia Vicuña


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